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May 27 2014


January 28 2014

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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January 08 2014


September 03 2013







someone help i just ate an entire watermelon and i just cut open a second one

update: i’m out of watermelon

make watermelon clothes

Oh my god

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August 28 2013

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Since it’s summer and this mindset begins to pop up more, let us clarify something.

Girls being upset over being seen in bra/panties but not bikinis is not a double standard.

If she’s in a bikini, it’s what she consciously chose to wear and be seen in, in a public space, and like any outfit she was prepared to be seen in it by other people.

If you’ve caught a girl in her underwear, however, you’re probably trespassing in her bedroom, bathroom, or other personal space, where she should be in privacy, and she has every right to be upset if that privacy is violated.

It’s not about what she’s wearing or what it is covering, but rather her privacy and consent to be seen in the first place. Please respect that.

Omg, amazing that someone thought to explain this

*nods head* Good explanation.

I've always wondered why, cuz I thought it was the same thing too. I never wear a bikini whenever I go swimming. Usually a one-piece will do.

October 10 2011


August 29 2011

Oh Japan, You So Self-Conscious.
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August 22 2011

turban bikini top?
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