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January 22 2015


These handbags remind me of Kree & Julie's handbags in BFFL, with their hearts, compact-shapedness & the blue-green-and-red-pink-ness 

February 07 2014

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BFFL: How They All Met
The final project assignment I have to do to end the final semester in Limkokwing Uni in 2011. Based on a comic I did in 2008, which was a revamp of the comics in 2001.

Little Julie wanted to befriend Kree, cuz she's getting all the attention with the new dress of hers. Sadly Kree thinks she's too good for Julie and ignored her friendship handshake. When Julie talked about it to her dressmaker mom, she began making a dress that looked just like Kree's but in Julie's favorite colors, hoping that this would raise the bar and that Julie will gain Kree's friendship. But things went out of plan and she accidentally stole Kree's spotlight as everyone thinks Julie's dress looks better.
In the end Julie apologized to Kree with a basket of cookies and as cliche as endings are, they become good friends. In the end Tari and Petie joins in their friendship walk.
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February 02 2014

January 10 2014


BFFL notebook cover

I tried painting them first with watercolor just to see what the patterns will look like. I love the texture but too bad I don’t have a scanner right now, so the writings look unclear.

BFFL: each with their own style
From my notebook cover designs. Since the middle ones are purposely left uncolored I colored them in here instead. They look like paperchild figures. Hey wait, we all can just print them and cut them off, right? :D

BFFL © me
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BFFL book covers
More notebook cover designs! I'm still inspired by Scoop and all the notebook covers they sold in that store, so this time I'm trying to draw my characters from BFFL in a different style. This oughtta be fun.

At first I tried drawing the lineart, and then coloring it traditionally with watercolor. This is the final product, but I just thought I could put some textures in there (cuz I like the watercolor textures so much but I need to make the writings pop out too).

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BFFL © me
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BFFL book covers - lineart. Done traditionally.

September 09 2013

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BFFL Chapter 2: The Package pg 8 WIP

July 07 2012

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Kree & Julie found the blue green-redpink jackpot

September 22 2011

September 19 2011

August 26 2011

BFFL: Tagging Is Overrated

Julie soon fins out the truth; copying people all the time ISN'T that easy, unlike her cookies. Expecially when she's only copying one person *coughKreecough* a tad TOO much. I wanted to make Julie learn her lesson in here cuz Kree has learnt her multiple times, to never show off and shit.

It all started when Kree's family, the Skips, won a FCKNG lottery ticket and got like $100,000 or somtehing (how cliche).
Meanwhile, Mrs Declash was 7 months pregnant & Ju was so excited to get a new sibling.

So Kree & her family bought LOTS of stuff, well, including house refrbshing, new beds... oh and Kree's got a new iPod, BLUEGREEN iPod Nano (the fat short one) & studded with bling.
Tari and Petie enjoyed them ad said congrats to Kree and as usual so do Julie, hoping she'd get the same luck too cuz of past experience.

But when she got back home she found out that her dad got broke plus with her pregnant mom the only thing that can save all her copycat hopes and dreams (and probably her life) is a miracle.
Well she was heartbroken cuz sshe can't do all methods of TAG COOKIE and shiz. And whats worse, Tari and Petie kinda agreed with Kree, cuz in the previous episodes, Kree always gets the lesson not to show off the hard way by Julie copying her shown off things just to get even. But turns out the fact that Julie copies Kree too much... so it's Jujubomb's turn to learn a lesson.

So day after day she kept on grudging and sighing and keeping it quiet & they thought she learnt her lesson & was over it. But turns out, she ISN'T. She just couldn't let go off that grudgy uneasy feeling. What's more, her family wasn't getting any easier with their condition. Her dad got sick and he had to skup work for a couple of weeks. WHICH MEANS he'll miss his paycheck. Well he'll get it when he returns but for now, nada.
Besides, care for her pregnant mom was really needed, and she was as equally sick as the dad, maybe even more. Ju felt like going angry and all but she cared a lot for her parents (because they're the two people that gave her the stuff she needed to copy Kree in the first place). She went in her room, punched walls and wept quietly.

A few days later Kree's mom heard Julie's mom was 8 months pregnant and the Skips wanted to contribute some cash to the Declashes yada yada since they're friends. Besides, Kree's dad's brother is Julie's dad's boss. Mrs Declash was taken to the hospital and Mrs Skip payed for the fees. Meanwhile Mr Declash already got better.

Kree gathered all her friends in the playground and decided to treat all her friends with ice-cream, in hopes of cheering Julie up, secretly.
Kree - mint.
Petie - honey
Tari - blueberry
Julie - cherry
Ju: well at least you got all of us our right colors... and flavors.
Jree: Well what can say, if I'm loaded, at least I'm using the money for good, and cheering up my 3 best friends is good.
Petie: Even if you're still showing off, hehehe...
Tari: Petie!
& they continued eating their icecreams

So Julie left early and went home and stuff. Still feeling all grudge. Suddenly Petie came in and stuff, sneaking in through the window. Julie opened it & let her in.
Petie: look, I understand how you feel. I mean don't you remember sometimes I get jealous of Tari's rches but can't do anything about it to beat it?
Julie: But Kree and I helped you to beat it... wasn't it my idea?
Petie: Yeah and I gotta thank you for that
Julie:I just don't get it... how can you get over your envious grudge towards Tari so easily all the freaing time?
Petie: That's why you gotta start learning to cope with that feeling and not BAWWW-ing to your mom or dad about it. I'm sorry, but it's the truth from what I've observed you all these two years. Who knows, probably someday you'll get what she get in the future. In the meantime, think about the things YOU have that Kree doesn't. Like a baby sibling. Your mom is pregnant. Pretty soon you'll have someone else you can play with at home while KRee doesnt. That's kinda awesome, right?And what Kree did was being fair for you for once. Cuz she konws how much you hate it when she's one step ahead of you.
One month later
So Julie's mom got into labor & gave birth to a baby girl. Julie now has a sister, Jillian. 1 yr old Fatina Adile greeted Jillian and well lol along. Turns out Kree's mom was already three months pregnant. So Julie was happy things were fair all along. And about Kree's blinged iPod, Julie got over it. Same goes with the whole house refurbishing.

Long story short, Julie bought an iPod shuffle, redpink with a simple flower bling and so discreet too cuz she only used half her tag cookie on Kree, leting her win this time.

December 24 2010

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