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May 18 2019

The idea was from an earlier textpost, and just in case y’all need some more comics poking fun at Diego, here ya go.

Of all the unnecessary moments Klaus had to conjure Ben, this is one of those. And Vanya’s face in the 6th panel is a big mood.

April 27 2019

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When your brother secretly has the same kink as you & you walked in on him in your room being tied up by his own tentacles & it traumatizes you and weirdly turns you on at the same time but you can't tell your other siblings how much you wish you can unsee it cuz you're the only one who can see your dead brother.
Whew. That was a long one.

This is the closest i can get to 🅱️entacle 🅱️entai idk what was i thinking i aint doing it anymore 😣
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🅱️EN 🔟 a.k.a. 🅱️entacles 🔟tacles
Because I just HAD TO do this crossover
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00.06 🐙 The Horror 🐙 Ben

When i was linearting this it was pretty exciting but then i forgot about not exactly knowing the color of his 🅱️entacles, looking at other people's fanart doesn't do justice cuz the colors are all inconsistent, so i went with whatever & tried masking the horror (no pun intended) with layers of multiply & overlay. Soooo thats actually not blood.
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Klausie Maki & Benwurst.
Back when Heroes was the peak meme TV show i remember drawing the characters as sushi & sausages too, so now i guess it's TUA's turn

March 27 2019

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a.k.a. everyone's favorite scene with the ice-cream truck
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Pretty sure Ben didnt take Klaus' drugs but his facial expression makes y'all think otherwise
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March 24 2019

I bet we're all thinking the same thing since the comics came out.
Tbh it's probably cuz Diego's power is holding his breath for as long as he wants, & Ben's tentacles is pure horror even for himself.
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What if they included this calm your tits joke in ep4... hmm
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