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October 01 2012

Vegetarhythm song

September 10 2012

NABE! by Akino-K
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July 11 2012


Vegetarhythm (Bejitarizumu) Indonesian lyrics

YES. After all this time, FINALLY I found the Vegetarhythm(Bejitarizumu) lyrics translation & now I've translated the lyrics to Indonesian. Minus the "shu-shu-shu sa-sa-iyasa-sa" cuz they require no translation.




Hari ini masak sayuran

Dengan suasana lembut

Dimasukkan ke panci

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Mama dengan menu

Papa lagi di kantor

Semuanya senyum

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Dicincang, dipanggang, dikupas, digoreng, direbus, dikukus atau mentah~ santap.

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Pas kamu lagi bete,

Masukkan ke panci

Semuanya suka

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Ku mau kamu tahu

Aku cinta kamu

Aku suka kamu

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Bengkoang, kentang, seledri, peterseli, labu siam, tomat, masukkan dalam... panci.


Dicincang, dipanggang, dikupas, digoreng, direbus, dikukus atau mentah... santap.

Inilah Vegetarhythm



English translation right here You're welcome to translate it in your own languages.

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June 10 2012


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June 04 2012

2072 c426 500
My kid sister as the blue Bejitarizumu (Vegetarhythm) dancer
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May 09 2012

The Kyary Kids

the only boy here is the one in purple, known as P-chan

these kids are Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s dancers

May 06 2012

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