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September 07 2013


#4 How it All Started

J.K. Rowling first got the idea for Harry Potter when she was travelling back home on a crowded train in London. When inspiration struck her in the form of a messy-haired boy with glasses, she didn't happen to have pen and paper on hand. Instead, she spent the rest of the four hour train ride brainstorming ideas in her head. It wasn't hard for her to imagine, as Harry just "strolled into her head".

From a young age, she had a habit of creating stories and characters. Although we'd love to see the first drafts, she admits to being glad she didn't write it down. According to Rowling, the ideas came to her so fast and furious that she wouldn't have been able to keep up with them if she had to take time to write them down. By the time her train arrived at the station, Harry Potter and his adventures were starting to develop.

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May 19 2013

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This essay is kind of the second part of an essay on taste that can be read here: 



also, the message made me think of this - 


Rebloggin’ because this is good stuff.

reblogging this again because it really changed how I feel about my own art and how I view the art world

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October 30 2012

Back to square one

January 10 2012

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