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January 19 2015


poking fun at Beastboy & Cyborg & their friendship despite having completely different diets


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May 08 2014

March 17 2014


June 18 2013

Awww... but truthfully I cant imagine Pete as Beast Boy even if they have the same hair (or sense of humor) :B I thought at first it's gotta be Andy because he's the vegan of the band.

June 11 2013



BB’s double “playing” videogame

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May 25 2013




Terra pulled a smile, though she knew there was a shred of real unhappiness in his statement. She wouldn’t pry, not with her luck and based on past experiences. When she tried to help someone it usually ended badly. “I dunno, nowhere, really. I was just kind of looking for you.” She laughed. “Guess I found ya, huh?” She shrugged, again letting her hands slide into her pockets. “Wanna hang out? There’s a new place by the park that sells really good iceceam.” She smiled, though quickly blushed and turned her head. “Unless you don’t wanna go… Then uh, some other time.”


— Yeah… That’d be nice — Beast Boy answered, trying to cheer himself up. Keep crying wouldn’t bring back his parents. That was not like him. He was a wonderful family now, and he should be happy to be with them. His parents were… no, are important to him, but living the present should be more important than mourn the past… Right?

So… Shall we get going?

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Name: Beasy Boy | Alliance: Young Justice | Status: Alive | FC: Optional

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