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April 18 2013

Doctor Doom using Wikipedia... this just made my night.

though if they include this in a movie starring him I still doubt it'd be more WTF than Spiderman using Bing
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December 04 2012


Asgardian Christmas

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November 27 2012

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half brothers lol. 

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November 16 2012





okay someone should tell balder that those leggings look nude and it looks like he is just wearing tight shorts and boots


I don’t understand why we should tell him.

Haters of this post are just jealous that they can't rock nude leggings like Balder can.
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November 14 2012



Sunday is Balder the Bun day!

Last week we looked at Balder’s first encounter with the oh-so-evil-but-not-really-but-kind-of-yes Norn Queen Karnilla. This is a relationship that spans multiple issues, and though this week’s is a little brief in terms of shippiness, it sets the stage for some of the larger story-arcs with the couple.

Thor 164-166

In which Karnilla is a stalker, Thor is a terrible friend, and Sif and Balder share damsel in distress duties.

When last we left our beloved unicorn, Balder was suffering from some sexually frustrated dreams concerning a certain mystic maiden. Balder’s solution to the problem is, of course, to try to ignore it. Because that always works.

View the comics here

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November 13 2012

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Ponytail, braid, cornrows. Them hairstyles ohyes.
And I don't know what kind of background to put.
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November 12 2012



I’m just going to put these here.
I’m reading Ultimate Thor, and I have to say these panels do strange things to me.
I may be far to attracted to Loki here. 

Brodinsons in their underwear. All three of 'em. Jackpot.
*steals Baldr anyway*
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November 07 2012


November 03 2012

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Toldja Balder's got some free owls for everyone.
Ah Loki, always jealous as usual.

Dang it, that barn owl is in this page
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