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May 22 2015


[playing the piano] so you had a bad [slams entire body on keys] DAY

May 07 2015


when you’re having a bad time but you’re trying to be positive about it

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October 11 2014


September 18 2014

August 23 2014


September 22 2013

egads... an old comic I did in 2008 when we had no Photoshop at all... just a scanner. That year I tried experimenting with watercolor and it turned out great, soft & mild... but yeah I still gotta adjust the colors after scanning it.

And this was back when Pete Wentz was still married to Ashlee Simpson. And look at all the bad lucks :B especially the final one due to the shenanigans of his own bandmates. But hey a hot air balloon made up of all his clothes isnt such a bad idea.

June 09 2013


June 09 2012


May 24 2011

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