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February 06 2015

High-School Teachers: You need to be professional when you go to college. High-School dress-code reflect what COLLEGE classes expect you to wear.
Actual College Student: I know this class is at 5:00 pm, but I'm wearing pajama pants and a tank top.
Actual College Professor: lol same.

December 02 2014

June 25 2014


March 05 2014


October 09 2013

tumbloup: attires
dammit I actually wrote their *coughpairingnamecough* up there. I don't ship these two together but if you're talking about them being good friends who get crazy together, then probably yeah I do

Got pretty excited seeing Sydnor's Soup layout cuz finally Soup blogs can pull off the grid look, just like in Tumblr, Wordpress & Blog.com. Originally when I did Soup-tan showing off her new dress I was gonna make Tumblr-tan say "well FINALLY," until ~Dianoska did some changes on the idea :B that's ok though.

cheetos madafaka
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April 03 2011

In fact, it is... it is.
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