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July 13 2014

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January 21 2013



okay kida doesnt get enough love around here so here’s the lowdown on my fav disney princess

kidagakash nedakh

  • she’s roughly 8,500 years old, but she appears about 28
  • she’s a WARRIOR PRINCESS who becomes a WARRIOR QUEEN
  • she watched her mother die when she was a toddler
  • shes the only (i repeat ONLY) disney princess to become queen
  • she didnt become queen from marriage, the crown was passed on to her after her father died
  • the reason she is a warrior princess is because the voice actress (cree summer) intimidated the creators
  • she was the first original disney princess, not taken from an adaption or legend

shes basically a bad ass chick who had an entire civilization’s survival on her shoulders and doesnt get the credit she deserves

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