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November 28 2017


July 05 2015

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PAP of the sunset today? Or PAP of the sunset from a previous day!
most recent sunset, a few months ago
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July 03 2015

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Share something you're grateful for today.
being in this photoshoot with my effing Ridiculous band

June 29 2015

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What is your favorite year of your life?
Probably 2010, where I've just got up from a big depressing event (which I've forgotten about now) and listening to new songs, watching new movies & got accepted by my friends again. And the subjects at school were enjoyable so I didnt mind doing homework.And I got hooked on to The Lonely Island, especially this song:
listening to their songs from Incredibad & Turtleneck and Chain every Sahur.Also there's the Bali trip, of course. Best time of the year eventhough it's only for 5 days :D
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What is your favorite type of sushi?
can't choose just 1 bruh
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June 27 2015

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Post a picture of you wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses.

more like the only pair of shades ive got. got it from a friend as a birthday gift last year

June 17 2015

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If someone made a statue of you, what position would you choose?
this one. i kinda like it when the mic cable strangle me on stage.also dang my hair is getting long rn i need a haircut
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anyone rember that KVLT Frerard fan? (taken from Ghearardway's ask.fm)

June 09 2015

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Show us your favorite emoji!
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likers get 6 likes

June 06 2015

What will you do at your friends' weddings?

perform songs as a wedding band with my friends, or maybe act crazy like my usual self n mix all the drinks, go full hyper n steal people's underpants so i can hang them as a flagline
Tags: ask.fm wedding

Is abortion really a choice or is it a decision has to be made due to some circumstances?

the answer is right there in the question. it's a choice, basically a decision, and to make that choice one has to look at the circumstances. If you wanna have an abortion because of certain reasons, by all means. If you dont & you wanna keep the baby, by all means.

June 05 2015

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Today is World Environment Day! How do you plan to make a positive impact on our Earth?
the least i can do right now is recycle all the wasted paper due to stupid photocopying mistakes, which strangely doubled the amount today idk why. someone mustve been pranking us.
but hey i made a notebook
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June 02 2015

Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world

  • implicit bias, usually under our subconscious
  • any kind of inequality that can result in wars

May 29 2015

What makes a person rich?

if their first name is richard, or if their last name is richmond. then you can call them 'rich' for short if you dont feel like calling them 'dick' 

jk. richness comes from whatever quality a person has the most. doesnt have to be posessions all the time.
Tags: ask.fm rich pun
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May 28 2015

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@szopdkiap 15like:) pls
drew your quote in the style of Murakami's Norwegian Wood cuz my sister has that book

May 26 2015

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post something green

May 17 2015

May 16 2015

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Hello! Follow this beautiful girl please → http://instagram.com/barunkac/# . Have a nice day

she looks like quite an adventurer tbh. but lol i dont have instagramphoto (c) barunkac
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Hello!!! Can u like @OfficialSelenkaMarieGomez's 1 answer and follow her? I will send u 3 gifts follow u, and like ur answers!!!💖 (by itzselenators)

how about 3 facts instead:
- i dont do 'likes', especially when asked
- thats not the actual selena gomez so why should I care
- here ya go i spiffified that question
Tags: ask.fm words
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