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March 10 2013

If I Was A Guy Then Why Do I Get Period Every Month Seriously. STORY OF MY INTERNET LIFE IN A NUTSHELL! Besides this is the internet, it's safe to assume everyone is a girl anyway.
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May 09 2012

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Myoo89 promoted me as her Tumblr assistant, so...
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December 15 2011

"Adolf Hitler in his youth. Not sure what age he is here.
This is one of the three pieces I did about infamous dictators, all portraits of when they were young boys. We often look at the horrific actions taken by these dictators, and it fascinates me to think that they were once little boys, whose minds were naive, and who had ambitions and goals just like everyone else. It fascinates me to think that they really weren't always the infamous dictators they are known as worldwide."

December 01 2011

McDonalds: Come as you are
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October 20 2011

Eat THIS, Granny! by TomPreston
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October 17 2011

Kawaii Not - Mad As A Hatter
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October 05 2011

"You Lied To Me!" by Blulious
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August 26 2011


Cartoons heroes Gender Swap Pin-ups

Can you guess some of them?

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February 02 2011

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