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December 24 2013

HuggityHugTaylor n Patrick for MotherDirectioner
it's her OCs Patrick Dodgers and Taylor Space Cadet (based on Patrick Stump & Taylor Swift in a Duck Dodgers universe).
A random gift for her for no reason, also I felt like doing something like this pic by DemiseMAN (which I had bookmarked in years)

December 23 2013

Killjoy or Youngblood? by bandgeek4evur
recolored by me digitally cuz I wanna make it look more like this pic here
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December 13 2013

Rocking out with Bandgeek4evur
arttrade with :iconbandgeek4evur:. She wanted both of us rocking out on guitars.

I sorta followed the background & concept from this pic © Chiyingzai which I've seen a few months ago so sorry. It's probably cuz her request reminds me of that picture. Purple and red and guitars and all.

September 30 2013

Arttrade Shadowgirl230 I don't know what to title this piece, can't think of anything badass enough. I'll rename it eventually

for ~ShadowGirl230 cuz she drew me this after I helped her spice up the background of one of her drawings.
Also, I sorta based the background from ~rinette's drawing Misfit Threesome, sorry about that.

I sorta had something pictured in mind based on that piece when ~ShadowGirl230 asked for her and the Way brothers doing something awesome. Well they're not exactly doing something here, rather just posing and holding weapons, and I think I went all out on the wardrobe choice, mindlessly throwing studs and gears here and there pffft :P

Gerard & Mikey way (c) themselves

September 26 2013

munkie8's arttrade half for me. she did it in a dollmaker but eh it's ok. I dont really mind cuz these would be what I should look out in clothing stores next. This shall be my new look :B

made with this flash game

September 25 2013

It's Raining Beej and Tedder - munkie8 
Arttrade with :iconmunkie8:
She asked for her oc Jeremy "Jey" Murder to be rained on Billie Joe (Green Day) n Ryan Tedder (Onerepublic), kinda like ths old piece...
But instead I was trying to make the pic like ~Susutastic's piece right here...only keeping the rain.

Jey (c) ~munkie8
them chibi lead singers (c) themselves

October 27 2012

This couldn't be anymore truthful. EVERY DAMN TIME.
(via artist-confessions)
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