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February 04 2020

Based on a Tumblr textpost
3177 246a 500
One of the doodles im digitizing rn. Gonna compile these in a single post later.
Chill, Beelz, let your underlings take breaks once in a while.
A couple of weeks ago i saw a Switch design & thought of turning these two dinguses & the ex-Antichrist into a Switch

January 07 2020

Was drawing on something different but i felt the need to turn this one into something so here have a smol Sal doodle
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Jokes on you, I still dont have 2020 vision 🤣
..maybe in 7 year's time.

2013 sucked big time for me, mostly because of working in that hellhole I called my first office, feeling very isolated. The only good things that happened are Fall Out Boy's return & me getting to see them in October, and discovering Imagine Dragons. I thought that year would be a better 2006 but turns out i pretty much prefer the original 2006.

I hope this year will be an improved, even better 2013 for me & maybe even a chance for me to see another favorite band live. 🍻🥂

And thats a wrap for this year, my dudes!

This year's been a downer towards the later half, but there are still some things to be thankful for, like visiting 2 new countries, going back to another country n meeting old friends, and joining two new wholesome fandoms with supportive & positive people 😊.
Some new skills are gained subconsciously, like now im less awkward with drawing in Illustrator & Flash/Animate, and drawing better anatomy thanks to references.
Oh and I managed to release 1 song and record 1 new podcast episode with @kamiqurra, theres that.

Blank template by AsterianMonarch.
Redrew that Inktober comic with Gerard Way & Pete Wentz's Legends of Emo Selfie™ just because
Well whaddaya know, the first post of the year is a DTIYS by Scila_e_kanon Came up with 2 color schemes.

Yknow when it comes to DTIYS-es involving globes, y'all can sorta estimate where the artist  comes from just by looking at the globe.
The Sin Cakes are back
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This started as a cute Anathema x Newt comic with insecurities, reassurance & some Harry Potter references.
Initially it also has Aziraphale & Crowley sleeping on the couch cluelessly, but then I saw Enit_J’s DTIYS so I thought of doubling it as that, which explains why they’re wearing sweaters instead of their usual outfits (and I sorta swapped their positions for the *spoiler warning* plot twist)

It all ended up silly again cuz I can’t really go THAT deep 😅

December 23 2019

A revamp of something I did 6 years ago

This was originally done with watercolor pencils + a ballpoint pen lineart. The watercolor/papery texture is worth keeping so in the digitally-colored revamp I used my fav textured brush.

The reason I drew this is out of envy that some of my friends at the time got to experience what I've always wanted to, and thus Envy Cake's in there along with the primarily green colors. The dolls (now people in the back) represented those friends whom I envied. I guess there's also symbolism as well with the eyes, mouths & holes on the legs... not sure about the snakes though. Snakes are adorable UwU.
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December 20 2019

Like, can y'all believe 2019 is ending? I mean I still felt 2019 hasnt even STARTED yet 😣 Isnt it still 2012? Or is it already 2015 cough cough idk

Here ya go, reapers and fairies, enjoy the evolution of my art throughout the decade. These probably arent enough to summarize graduation, changing workplaces 2 times & starting a music career but never launching (and the self-hatred that came with it) 😅 but these'll do.
Henlo i liek peeping (pt2)

I wanted to do a comic with these two eventually. Just a couple of bosses expresionlessly spying on their worst employees doing some fraternizin

The joke on the last panel was from a Steven Universe comic i saw once with Greg offering Pearl popcorn before it hit him. Also, Punkcorn™'s always been an inside joke i tried to slip in my comics since 2007.

Tbh idk if Beelz even eats at all, maybe they just eats whenever they wants to. & Gabe would probably open up to tasting some food, as long as they're not covered in flies.

December 08 2019

Henlo i liek peeping 😏

Wonder how many times have they done this to Anathema & Newt, or Shadwell & Tracy as well. Dont ask me how they dragged Warlock along.

Sketchy comic is sketchy because this comic is trash & I’m trash for coming up with the idea lol. What was I thiking, they’re CHILDREN.

November 25 2019

Hooboy it's time for fake ads again~ Ive already made like 4 of these before based on doodles.

Somehow sometime around university I doodled SoDerp outta nowhere when i was craving soda & at that time ragecomic memes were everywhere. Swipe for the original.
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