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April 06 2015





Cats of the Apocalypse

for the record these are amazing

Death is most peaceful. I find it sobering.

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August 10 2013

why worry about a zombie apocalypse when we basically already have a zombie army
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February 03 2013


How to survive the apocalypse

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December 25 2012


IE pokes fun of itself saying that the sign of apocalypse is here because Internet Explorer 10 is actually good now - browseryoulovedtohate

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October 06 2011


August 26 2011

Zombie Apocalypse dream 11-8-2013

I just had the weirdest and most tense zombie apocalypse dream ever.

It started with the family and I in the living room, reading the newspaper and acknowledging that theres gonna be an outbreak of zombies today, lasting for a couple of days, maybe weeks. Quickly we prepared ourselves, armed ourselves with a couple of makeshift weapons and locking our windows. We were practically in a lockdown. I texted a bunch of friends too and they got prepared as well. We basically cant go anywhere else. Like I said, a lockdown.

Suddenly, the first wave of zombies made the first move. There were still a few of them so they were only scratching the windows and doors. We were shooting them with shotguns through holes on the windows. Just as we're done shooting all of them, the second -or rather the 1-and-a-halfth- wave began and this time they managed to break open one of our windows. My mom and dad were still rocking their shotguns. Since all the shotguns are used up I picked up a blue long umbrella and jabbed one zombie's face with the sharp end. I continued with the other zombies next and they were then all pretty much lifeless.

And then, the REAL second wave began. There was something about this mother-and-baby zombie that tried attacking us through words. Yes, they weren't moaning, they were actually TALKING. These zombies get trickier and trickier by the minute, doing stuff that will fool us to let them inside. Tricking us that they were victims of the zombies. Lucky we weren't fooled so we attacked them and the rest of the gang. I don't know why but we stopped using shotguns. We were suddenly just punching and kicking them and stabbing them with knives. Finally, the second wave was over.

[I didn't remember what happened during the third and fourth wave, but it's pretty much the same thing, killing zombies, stabbity-stab-stab, chk-chk-BANG and shiz]

Things were quieter for a minute and my family were relaxing, suddenly letting the windows open for some cool air. A bunch of people, who looked like rappers, came in without speaking. Some of them even resembled-or dressed like-famous rappers. They started playing a video in front of my sisters and parents. It was a rap music video which lyrics sort of offended Islam, and probably other religions too. My dad was kinda pissed off & he ran to grab a shotgun when I told him they were actually zombies cuz I saw the bite & blood marks. They were one of those talking zombies. I was gonna follow him upstairs to grab a gun but instead, I wished that I had powers like the plants from Plants vs Zombies. I want vegetables coming out of my hands when suddenly, peach slices shoot out of my hands... weakly.

Well it wasn't a vegetable but it was worth it. On second thought, screw it. I wanted to get the blue umbrella but it was nowhere near my sight and the zombies were approaching closer...

...and then thats where Zara came in. She had laser guns and gave me one, and both of us started killing the zombies menacingly. She told me that her parents and siblings were discreetly distributing laser guns to different houses, and that she was just visiting my house for cookies and tea and a chat. Things toned down for a while as she and I talked about bands and her favorite brands of bags and shoes while my teenage sisters joined in and my parents took a nap in the underground cellar, where the zombies cant reach them. Suddenly, a nice-looking young man selling calendars came in and told me and Zara that he knew the exact dates of when the zombies will strike. The calendars sort of resembled those tile toys that you need to rearange, and the numbers seemed out of place. He said the zombies will  attack on the 12th, 13th and the 17th. Zara and I wondered why he knew the dates precisely, and then he arranged the tiles on the calendar and said "the bad news is... today's the 12th". Immediately Zara and I knew he was a zombie and without missing a beat we zapped him with our laserguns.

Moments later the sixth wave of zombies arrived. It was only up to me, my siblings and Zara to defend the house. One of my sisters borrowed my shotgun so I was stuck using the sharp blue umbrella I used earlier. But damn, these zombies just got stronger wave by wave and so one of them took the umbrella and snapped it in half, and gave one half to the other one and used it as a weapon instead. I grew weaker for some reason. I tried blasting them with peach bits from my hand and it worked, eventhough it grew weaker as time progresses. But soon enough the zombies were defeated thanks to the laser guns.

Waiting for the seventh wave cuz it was the last wave of the day, so we've heard. It was still 4PM. My siblings were watching TV, with their arms ready. I heard a knock on the door and look who it is, it was Ghea. She really needed to go to the shop to buy some supplies (probably zombie-killing supplies or just... food and basic life supplies). She asked me and Zara to go with her cuz she was afraid the zombies might get her and I said who's gonna protect my siblings in case another zombie outbreak happens? Zara said she'd volunteer in protecting my siblings while I help Ghea go to the market to buy supplies. We each carry Zara's laser gun and we're off to the supermarket.

On the way to the supermarket we saw a creepy fat guy in a singlet whom we suspect was a zombie. He doesnt seem like a zombie though, he was just creepily staring at us, following us. As we walked faster his steps shifted faster towards us too and we were really creeped out. What's worse is that our guess was right, there were actually a crowd of zombies waiting for us up ahead. Ghea and I had a plan, since for some reason she has stronger legs and I was more trigger happy and had better aim, she gave me a piggyback ride and I use both laser guns to blast them away. We were both totally enjoying this as more and more zombies got killed, and thanks to Ghea's cheetah legs we finally arrived to the supermarket.

We reached the green supplies stand Ghea wanted to go to, turns out they were just plain food & gift basket supplies for Eid. The cashier was a skinny freckled pale guy with red & white striped uniform and he looked very scared. Probably hiding away from the zombies. We asked him how long has he been hiding and he said 5 hours. Ghea finally bought her supplies and to my surprise, this guy sells zombie survival kits too under the table. Suddenly the creepy fat guy that was following the both of us was seen in a distance, still creepily eyeing us. Not for long, another outburst of zombies attacked the place and the cashier chickened out again, back to hiding under the table. For some reason, Ghea and I lost the laser guns and another weird thing is, the zombies themselves suspected each other. They started strangling each other, thinking that each other was a non-zombie human victim. One fat policeman zombie suddenly grabbed me, trying to choke me as I try to free myself. Luckily, the creepy fat singlet guy saw this and lured the policeman zombie's attention away from me, towards him. They had an epic fat man fight, strangling each other and ended up falling off the glass barrier, killing themselves.

One more zombie approached me and Ghea and she sort of looks like Zara. Both of us panicked, afraid that she MIGHT be our Zara who was already bitten by a zombie.

As things get more confusingly intense, the REAL Zara broke in, riding a bike, carrying two more laser guns and killed the zombies in the scene. She killed her zombie lookalike the last, and we approached her, asking questions as she hopped off her bike. She told me that my sisters and brothers are safe in the underground chamber with my parents, and that there are zombies that can make themselves look like existing people. Doppelganger zombies. The cashier guy got out of his hiding place and joined us. Zara picked up her phone and showed us her screen, revealing her Twitter account which she stated that her zombie lookalike tried hacking her account. She even made a fake account replying to her original account along the lines of "hacked, boring life, totally not spicy. only a computer-famous girl", to which Zara replied from her account "you tried hacking my account, stealing my life. Well excuse me for maiking fake claims about my life and being totally jealous of my life cuz it's more awesome than yours. p.s. you even fail at sassing people out"

me, Ghea and the cashier guy laughed.

...and that was about it.

March 13 2011

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