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April 28 2015




I am all about stories where the hero and villain know each other very well and were once friends, but I could deal with it being used another way.

What if instead of being used for drama, for wistfulness and pleas to join the other side, it was more like the hero looking over a battlefield going Seriously, who does she think she’s kidding, she’s been using the same chess strategy since we were seven or the villain picking a headquarters in a specific climate because she knows the hero hates hot weather or deciding Send in some forces to round up all the copies of his favorite poet’s work, that’ll tick him off.

Or most of all them still having inside jokes with each other.

#the forces on either side wear uniforms the color that the other one cant stand #makes sure to stop the import of their favorite candies. like all other food and stuff can pass. just not THOSE candies #’DID YOU KIDNAP MY CAT?!’ ‘Yeah. He’s a sweetheart. Can I keep him?’ ‘GIVE ME BACK MY CAT.’ ‘Yeah ok.’ #sends cat back with a bow and ‘next time don’t keep your key in the same place you did when we were room mates dumbass’#’Ma’am…the enemy has sent over a…a turkey?’ ‘…That mother fucker HE WAS SUPPOSED TO NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN. THAT’S IT. #SEND HIM A FUCKING GOAT HE’S TERRIFIED OF THEM

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February 22 2015



Probably the worst types of people are the ones that shut you down to make themselves look cooler than you, for example if you get excited and squeal and they’re like “woah what was that..” or if you talk loudly because you’re passionate about something and they say “relax dude wow” and then give a look… Like fuck off stop trying to act so cool and collected. You don’t seem more mature you just seem fucking boring and monotonously placid.

im glad im not friends with these people anymore

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October 17 2014





have u ever accidentally befriended someone who is very very irritating

I thought you said beheaded

that would not be an accident

I dunno. “He tripped and landed in the guillotine,sir” sounds like a fair defense to me

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August 22 2014


July 27 2014


November 04 2013


August 31 2013

What annoys you the most?

if I didnt get to see fall out boy this year

August 20 2013



printers are fucking awful

it’s 2013 so

  1. why do they still make so much noise
  2. why are they so pushy and impatient
  3. why is it that printer ink costs more than printers themselves
  4. why can’t they just wait for two seconds until you load more paper before going into some sort of mid-life crisis during which they try to re-evaluate their entire lives before collapsing
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March 02 2013

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Most Annoying People On The Internet - Nigahiga Ok the Gangnam Style is just epic.
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January 31 2013

Ngeselin by gerry - kreavi

January 21 2013

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Annoying Passengers - qiasomar

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July 17 2012

One Does Not Simply Ignore Dora's Question
(via damnLOL)

June 18 2012

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May 28 2012

Annoying ads
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September 16 2011

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