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August 31 2013

What annoys you the most?

if I didnt get to see fall out boy this year

August 04 2011


How to annoy an otaku for band geeks:

Step 1

Bring/make any merch from your favorite band, or plushies/action figures your favorite bandmember of said band (better yet, a customized Nendoroid Figma thingy).

Step 2
Act like them around them & go fangirl over your band & bandmember with the plushie/figurine (or if the rocker's a girl, go fanboy all over her) saying "moe moe hontou kawaii desu" & all that shit.
Step 3
COSPLAY. It is important to cosplay for most anime fans usually cosplay as their favorite characters. But since you guys are cosplaying your bandmembers, (unless they dress really fancy during performance), getting & setting up your gear really isn't that hard, isn't it?
Step 4
If you're a yaoi fangirl, draw yaoi comics or write yaoi fanfiction of your two favorite bandmembers and talk & compare them to your buddy's hand-drawn yaoi manga (or written yaoi fanfiction) of her favorite anime characters (and if necessary, masturbate). If you're a yuri fanboy, fap to your fave bandmembers' lesbo action like your pal faps to his stash of yuri anime chicks.
*stereotypical genders may be swapped.
Step 5
Since nowadays we have desktop buddies or desktop shimeji & if your buddy has some & has flooded her/his computer screen with anime characters shimeji, download those of your favorite bands & do what she/he does, flood your screen with them >:]
And if necessary, act all obsessive like them even more.
Step 6
Stereotypical item worth having as an otaku = katana.
Stereotypical item worth having as a band geek = guitar.
Just as your buddy swings her/his katana, PLAY YOUR DAMN GUITAR beside her/him & be a hero.
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