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May 17 2019


February 24 2019

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I dont really believe in "the ____est" concept. Then again i'll call every animal ever "the cutest" every now & then.
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June 10 2015

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Human screentime of Disney PoC characters in 3 of the last 6 PoC-lead WDAS films

*sips her tea*

Everyone who has ever been turned into an animal in a Disney movie was done so, because they needed to learn a lesson.

Tiana was working herself to the bone, then had the one thing she was working for, ripped away from her.
She needed to learn that life is full of situations one cannot control. She learned that taking some time to reevaluate what’s really important to her, not to others, is good for her and that sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. 


Kuzco was a selfish little prick who was willing to not only boot HIS subjects off of THEIR land, but was going to offer them nothing in return for… 


It took him being thrown from his comfort zone and into the lives he was planning to ruin from his selfishness, to knock some sense into him. He was extremely stubborn and it took him nearly the whole movie to actually understand that, due to his selfishness and insensitivity toward others, people who had more resources than him, were out to kill him. 
(Not to mention that Yzma was turned into a cat. After using and abusing Kronk, treating Kuzco’s subjects with distain, and attempting to kill her previous employer.) 


Naveen was willing to do anything (originally thinking of marry a woman he’s never met before, but then being convinced that voodoo would have a “no strings attached” solution for his money problems) just to be free to travel and romance any gal he’d take an interest in. 
He was turned into a frog and had to reevaluate how he responded to others. He found out that he didn’t need an extravagant lifestyle, just to be happy. He also learned that hard work can be really rewarding. 


Kenai lost his eldest brother and was thrown into a vengeful rage. He wanted vengeance at the cost of a child’s mother. He was then turned into a bear from his transactions and had to learn to see things from another’s perspective. It was only after he corrected his behavior and learned to let go, that he was allowed to be a human again. 
But, here’s the important part, he chose to remain a bear, so he could take care of his new family.  


Are we noticing a pattern here? 
When someone needs to learn a perspective changing lesson, they’re turned into an animal, because that couldn’t be further from what they’re used to. 
They were all given the choice to change back or remain the animal they were turned into. 
So, with all of this in mind, here’s my final example. 


From what we know, it took this idiot years to learn how to properly interact with others and treat them as equal. From what’s been said in the other Beauty and the Beast films, it’s to be assumed he’d been cursed for nearly 10 years. 


these people reach for the stars

Also kuzco got an entire show of him being (mostly) human

Oh look at that 




SJWS have too much fucking free time 

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June 02 2015


May 20 2015




They are precious lives, not meals.

*holds fish out of water*

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May 19 2015



My final animation is finally done. Go check it out, leave a comment and a like. Thank you for your support

Guys, please check out my buddy’s animation right here!
I know it’s kinda stiff, but it’s cuz it’s animated in a comic-like manner, and I really love the concept of entering a blank canvas and creating lineart & then painting your creation as they come to life.

It’s also a revamp of her previous Typewriter animation

April 24 2015

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Uma Thurman
(transparent for y’all blogs)

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April 22 2015

March 25 2015

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Love from afar


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February 02 2015

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This show is everything. I mean it. EVERYTHING.

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January 25 2015

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You know what doesn’t fuck around?

Australian children’s books on animals

The children’s TV series Peppa Pig ran an episode in 2012 that incited an Australian viewer complaint; the viewer said that the episode’s content was inappropriate for an Australian audience because it said that spiders were not to be feared.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation thought about it a bit, agreed, and ordered it removed from online access as well as banning it from ever being shown in Australia again.

the basic rule for living in Australia: fear everything

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January 17 2015


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October 25 2014


October 18 2014

One of the many things Bill Nye taught me




The difference between milk snakes and coral snakes is a crucial key to not dying. Coral snakes are extremely dangerous, and despite the low bite ratio, they can and will bite you if you’re not careful. Milk snakes are totally okay and chill. So remember, everyone.

If red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow


But if red touches black, you’re okay jack


I read this as milk shakes and was very confused

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