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July 25 2017

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In the early years of space flight, both Russians and Americans used pencils in space. Unfortunately, pencil lead is made of graphite, a highly conductive material. Snapped graphite leads and particles in zero gravity are hugely problematic, as they will get sucked into the air ventilation or electronic equipment, easily causing shorts or fires in the pure oxygen environment of a capsule.

After the fire in Apollo 1 which killed all the astronauts on board, NASA required a writing instrument that wasn’t a fire hazard. Fisher spent over a million dollars (of his own money) creating a pressurized ball point pen, which NASA bought at $2.95 each. The Russian space program also switched over from pencils shortly after.

40 years later snide morons on the internet still snigger about it, because snide morons on the internet never know what they are talking about.


this was discussed in 3 Idiots. Virus revealed to Rancho why bringing a pencil to space can be dangerous & why the space pen is needed.
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May 28 2017

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July 05 2015

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the accuracy of this is precious

true love

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June 27 2015


June 20 2015





my mom sends me these interviews that she remembers watching years ago every single morning and the one she sent me today was LIT


Mr. Wallace: “ You go to Nigeria, which is if not the most corrupt nation in Africa, and it is. It could be the most corrupt nation in the world, Minister Farrakhan.”

Minister Farrakhan: [in disbelief]  “ Oh, come now, Mr. Wallace.”

Wallace: “It is the most corrupt nation that I have ever covered, and I have been there 25 years ago, and I have been there as recently as last year.”

Minister Farrakhan: “ Fine! So what? 35 years old! That’s what that nation is. Now here’s America, 226 years old. You love democracy, but there in Africa, you’re trying to force these people into a system of government you just have accepted. 30 years ago, black folk got the right to vote. You’re not in any moral position to tell anybody how corrupt they are. You should be quiet! And let those of us who know our people go there and help them get out of that condition. But America should keep her mouth shut! Wherever there’s a corrupt regime as much hell as America has raised on the Earth. No, I will not allow America, or you, Mr. Wallace, to condemn them as the most corrupt nation on Earth. You have spilled the blood of human beings. Has Nigeria dropped an atomic bomb, and killed people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Have they killed off millions of Native Americans? How dare you put yourself in that position as a moral judge. I think you should keep quiet. Because with that much blood on America’s hands, you have no right to speak. I will speak! Because I don’t have that blood on my hand. Yes, there’s corruption there. Yes, there’s mismanagement of resources. Yes, there is abuse. There is abuse in every nation on Earth including this one.  So let’s not play holy to moralize on them. Let’s help them.”

Wallace: “ I’m not moralizing. I’m asking you a question, and I got an answer.”

Minister Farrakhan: “ Why would you put it as the most corrupt regime in the world? That doesn’t make sense/”

Wallace:” Could you think of one more corrupt?”

Minister Farrakhan: “ Yeah, I’m living in one. I’m living in one. Yes! You’ve done a hell of a thing on this Earth, so you should not be the one to talk. You should be quiet when it comes to moral condemnation.”

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April 14 2015

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It's possible considering the original comic series is done by Marvel. We all know Marvel and their multiverses. Not a big Nazi fan but whoa nice alternate world.
I guess the Japanese portion of the land allows more racial diversity than the German portion of the land.
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January 30 2015









hawaii desu

I lost it so hard at konichiwashington

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January 26 2015

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and the Iraqi people welcomed the Americans with flowers. I wanted to set a historical event to teach Bush a lesson from the Iraqis, telling him you lied, we did not welcome you with flowers, and instead we are saying goodbye with our shoes.” 

Muntaza Al Zaidi, the Iraqi reporter who became known as the guy who threw a shoe at Bush and later ended up in jail for three years because of it. 

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December 04 2014


November 12 2014


November 06 2014


November 03 2014


October 23 2014


September 04 2014

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August 10 2014


August 07 2014


July 29 2014


July 23 2014

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