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May 18 2015

Steven Universe - Alone Together
Eventually there's gonna be a SU fanart featuring this FOB song. I'm jumpin' the bandwagon.

April 20 2015

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Sunday evening, when Tina and I doodled stuff.

Eventually we made a commercial slogan out of a typo and sang yet another parody of Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together", typical us when we chat.

March 25 2015

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I have this mental image of Ruby and Sapphire singing to Alone Together when they fuse. I’m so sappy, halp.

Who sang this song? cuz it doesnt seem like Fall Out Boy’s ‘Alone Together’ lyrics

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January 09 2015


October 27 2014


March 17 2014


October 26 2013

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I was sad-sketching & showed Tina the sketch via KakaoTalk. It looks like a guy version of her & she came up with this, and both of us were suddenly singing Fall Out Boy songs

October 06 2013


September 30 2013


July 04 2013

sorry I just had to
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July 03 2013

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The saga continues...

Egh kids with makeup >:[ lol Pete to the rescue... or not.
And dammit they turned Patrick into those demons from Supernatural

July 31 2011

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