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June 13 2015

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Fall Out Boy ? (original pictures from here)

February 19 2015

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all four

all of the Panic! at the Disco albums in order

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September 21 2014


May 20 2014

May 07 2014


October 31 2013


October 03 2013

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all time low’s discography, 2005-2013 (inspired by x)

October 01 2013

Fall Out Boy discography.
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blink-182 albums: 1994 - 2011
omg I have the last three :D

May 16 2013

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Owl City - Albums

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April 23 2013


Vinyl Singles Today: Current Hits with a Vintage Look

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February 04 2013

Can't wait for a new album to be piled up with the rest, huh?
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October 01 2012

Only you, Weird Al.
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July 24 2012


April 27 2012


giveaway aah

ok so me and my friend laura are doing this giveaway b/c we have loads of stuff lying around like laura has loads of cds she doesnt need any more because of itunes etc etc so we thought we would give it away b/c u guys rock 

ok so you could win

  • a signed panic picture ((signed by dallon ian spencer and brendon and its real because zack gave it to laura and she got two so))
  • a limited edition panic poster which was only available from the uk tour earlier this year
  • a really old kerrang from july 2006 with a big interview and pictures which they all look really hot in
  • a green day hoodie which is so awesome but too small for laura now :-(
  • cds from fall out boy, paramore, you me at six and my chemical romance 

ok cool awesome wait there are rules 

  • reblog as many times as you want but dont make a blog just for the giveaway because thats lame!!
  • likes do count 
  • you have to follow us both lmao um http://dallonweekes.tumblr.com/ and http://gabesaportaspenis.tumblr.com/ 
  • b/c long giveaways suck this one is only going to be two weeks long so it ends on the 27th april yay
  • we’ll choose the winner using a random number generator so it’s all fair and stuff

good luck etc ah :-)

ps we’re not faggots who do fake giveaways lol so we’re not lying ok

DUDE if only I know how to buy stuff online I'd grab these.

April 02 2012

M A R S IMMERSION by FreeFIlly51
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November 28 2011

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