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October 21 2013

I doodled this when Snow Patrol's "This Isn't Everything You Are" got stuck in my head.
Judging by this song (and a lot of songs out there) I guess this is depicting that songs can be really eargasmic despite (or because) they are written out of the singer's (or songwriter's) own sorrow and painful backstories & events.

The character looks androgynous in the initial sketch but now I kinda see it as a guy... probably the guy version of myoo89 since she also has curly hair and a white shrt with black stripes.
Maybe I was subconsciously thinking about Snow Patrol's leadsinger & basing the character on him, but well...

the drips don't turn out like how I imagine them to be

October 06 2011

Not exactly but close... that dream was awesome though.
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August 18 2011

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