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June 01 2019

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And another friend got The Adventurer
Another friend got The Maker
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Took the Adobe My Creative Type quiz & got the same gd result as most of my friends.  P.s. i took the test a second time with different answer n still got the same result.

May 10 2014


August 04 2012

adobe photoshop day cream
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May 31 2012

Difference between Photoshop & Illustrator keyboard shortcuts
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April 09 2012

Adobe Illustrator CS6 sneak peek: pattern creation (by AdobeIllustrator)
Easier twitter & blog backgrounds with this!

November 17 2011

Creative Director Brian Yap talks about his work in Adobe Ideas, and how it allows him to take his work outside of the studio. See how he creates illustrations with Adobe Ideas & Adobe Illustrator, and how this has made his workflow more efficient. The app is available TODAY on Android tablets! Watch the video here:http://adobe.ly/AIBrYp
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August 16 2011

Ai Adobe Illustrator Artwork by LimKis

wha- THIS IS ILLUSTRATOR?! Why am I having a hard time beileving?
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