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September 23 2018

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When you replayed a childhood song and it’s bilingual and you’ve only recently noticed the singers’ thick accent during the english verses which sounds quite normal when you were kids…

Nothing wrong with that though. Also here’s the song I’m talking about.

June 01 2015

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European accents (and in general white people accents) are commonly perceived as attractive and endearing, while accents from basically any other part of the world are considered to be signs of laziness and disrespect and get routinely made fun of.

My whole family is Korean. My sister and I have grown up in the US so we can pretty much speak English. However, our parents speak very broken English. It makes me mad though because my mother has taken ESL classes at our local university and my father graduated from the University of Washington with a PhD in mechanical engineering, yet I constantly see them being made fun of by their coworkers or other people in general because “they’re too lazy to try to understand English.” My mom has spent countless nights crying whilst taking her classes because of the stress wishing she could speak half as fluently as I can. If you don’t know what it’s like trying to learn English as a second language, then you have no room to talk.


As someone who’s been trained to teach English to non-English speakers, allow me to inform you that English is an eldritch Frankenstein-esque abomination of borrowed words and mismatched grammatical rules.

Structurally, English is as convoluted and obtuse as any aspect of governmental bureaucracy, and it’s similarly societally entrenched in a way that makes people believe, and even insist, that’s just “the way of things.”

Here’s the facts: English is fucking hard. English doesn’t make logical sense. English is weird and horrible and inconsistent and makes common use of unusual phonemes that most adult speakers of other languages have to be mechanically taught to differentiate from similar sounds that are distinct in the English language. Without mechanical introduction and proper instruction, a lot of people cannot actually hear the difference in sounds you are mocking them for.

In some languages, [p] and [b] are indistinguishable. This is why you heard that gentleman say he would like a “can of Coke or Bebsi” with his order. It has nothing to do with laziness.

In some languages, [l] and [r] are indistinguishable. This is why you’re an asshole for going “me rikey” like the substitution is somehow comical. You’re a dick, and also most likely racist.

In the vast majority of languages, [θ] and [ð], known to English speakers as the voiceless (thing) and voiced (there) versions of the th sound, respectively, straight up does not even exist. This is why she says “teef” or “toofbrush,” why he keeps saying “ze” or “de” in place of “the,” and why they said “sank you very much” when you held open the door for them. 

There are sounds in English that a hell of a lot of speakers of other languages cannot teach themselves to recognize and recreate without assistance.

And, y’know, even if you get the screwy grammar and troublesome pronounciation down, English is a language in which very slight changes in intonation and word stress can completely change the meaning of a sentence. 

Like so:

But how are you doing? (Flamboyant pleasure to see someone, eagerness to catch up.)

But how are you doing? (Deflection from inquiries about self, moving conversation in a new direction.)

But how are you doing? (Concern, request for further or more accurate information.)

These are all totally different statements.

It’s incredibly easy to come across in a way you did not want or intend to when you’re not familiar with the particular ways in which saying something can change what it means to other people. 

Don’t you ever give people shit for not achieving or approaching fluency in English.

Repeat after me: English is a terrible fucking language and speaking it does not make me tangibly superior to anyone else in literally any way.

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April 15 2015

Anonymous asked: Does Albert speak with an accent? Yknow cuz his dad is British n his mom is Argentinian n all

Albert has a strong New York accent, if you listen to any of his interviews (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgrvngv9rBE). Nick also has a New York accent, and a similar speaking style, so their voices are easily confused, but his voice is higher.   

Fabrizio has a Portuguese accent because he was born in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese. His voice sounds very nice, he’s soft-spoken and puts a lot of thought into his words. 

Julian has sort of a strange accent; his speaking voice is very New York, but sometimes when he sings, he uses an English inflection. Also, he’s known for his mumbling and bored tone. 

Nikolai, like Fabrizio, speaks quietly and selects his words carefully. He went to Lycée Français de New York from a young age, and is bilingual in French and English, so he has a combination of a New York and French accent.   

It’s cool that the band is so diverse in origin - that’s New York City for you.

January 18 2015

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I didn’t understand the joke until I learned Honey was Latina.


it would have been so much easier to understand if, you know, they actually made her look latina


So you’d rather she be stereotypical?


Well that explains why she rolls the R in Hiro’s name.


“they actually made her look latina”

Latinos don’t have a “look.” It’s an ethnicity, not a race.


The joke is fucking mi casa is spanish, you don’t need to think it relates to anyone’s race specifically it’s just that fuck face being stupid. I’ve never heard a lick of french/spanish in my life and I get the joke.

How in the high flying evergreen fucks does this have 44, 000 notes, is tumblr really that fetishistic about race?


Yoooooooo Latinos don’t come in the same shade of brown.

Look at Cameron Diaz. Look at Zoe Saldana. Both are Latinas!

And fun fact: Japanese and Spanish are two languages where the words are (usually) pronounced the same way they’re read and their Rs are pronounced similarly, hence why Honey didn’t fuck up Hiro’s name.

Also some Southeast Asian countries (one of them which I'm from).
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October 15 2014



Please stop complaining about people’s thick accents. They learned an entire language, allowing them to communicate with you; the least you could do is respect that.

They can't help their thick accents. Also, it's the grammar & vocabulary that counts.

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November 25 2013

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How Tina and I talked about accent-appreciation and suddenly moving on to men and then to Owl City in a Pokemon game style

September 16 2013

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It's legit
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August 28 2013

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▶ Vlog 55: Korean Lessons 101
How to fake a Korean accent for non-Koreans... although I think he's overdoing it in the end. And I thought "-yah" was supposed to be a suffix, a less formal version of "-ssi"

January 26 2013

Gampang banget mendeteksi orang Melayu dari luar Indonesia yg sok-sok ngomong bahasa Indonesia. Saya suka sebel kalo ketemu yang kayak gitu.

1. Sok-sok pake logat Indonesia. Kalo belajarnya cuman dari sinetron/filem, belum cukup cuy. Dasar wannabe!
2. Penggunaan bahasa gaul ato kata informal bahasa Indonesia yg salah. Bahkan kata tersimpel spt 'sih', 'dong'. Taunya asal make aja.
3. Penutur wannabe bahasa Indonesia itu kalo nulis kata 'nggak' pasti cuman satu 'G'. Kata 'banget', 'E' diganti jadi 'A'. Typo 'ngak' & 'bangat' tu biasa banget kalo yg nulisnya org Melayu yg sok2 bisa bahasa Indonesia. Kecenderungan yang... Kenapa ya?
4. Mereka biasanya merasa sudah jago bahasa Indonesia cuman karna sering travel ke Indonesia.

Saya kalo ketemu temen yang sok sok ngajak bahasa Indonesia, gak bakalan saya ladenin. Lucu dengernya. Hihi. :3 So, an advice to the so-called wannabe Indonesian speakers from Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore, Kalo mau nguasain bahasa Indonesia spt yg lo tonton di filem-filem/sinetron itu, tinggal dulu 10 taun di Indonesia, so you'll understand a lil bit of history, correct usage and changes that gone through in our language. Dan, lu bakal berenti making fun dan bisa respek bahasa kami.'
Air Sunyi (VintageVienna) - an advice for the non-Indonesian Malays yang suka sok-sok ngomong Indonesia (making fun of our language).

August 26 2012


British Accents in Doctor Who characters


people who have british accents on doctor who

  • british people
  • the french
  • romans
  • aliens who have never ever been to earth
  • literally almost anyone no matter what

people who do not have british accents on doctor who

  • americans

(via la-vie-en-loki)

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July 24 2012

Accent Problems
Seriously... what kind of parents would do that to their kids?
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