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April 18 2015


my dad had a skype interview today so he was sitting in the living room looking all professional in his suit and tie and everything while he’s talking to the people who are interviewing him. and OF COURSE my cat decided that she NEEDED to speak at that moment so she just starts meowing left and right and talking crazy talk to the point where the interviewers just start laughing because she just will NOT shut up. so my dad just kind of sighs, looks at the camera, and goes, “i’m so sorry. i have to ask my cat to leave.” and then he looks over at victoria and very calmly and professionally goes, “victoria, i’m afraid you’re being too loud, and i’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

and she did. she fucking turned and walked out of the living room.

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October 26 2014

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September 07 2014


November 07 2013

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▶ The Born Friends Family Portrait -- a unique friendship brought together by Skype









New Skype ad hits you right in the feels

im crying at a skype advert wtf

i love this 

Did I just cry over a Skype commercial?

i can’t do this, there’s tears in my eyes.

Why would this be on my dash now tho

physically upset

Skype changed my life too. <3

July 31 2013


July 09 2013

chat apps dresses/personification
Top: Whatsapp, Viber, KakaoTalk
Middle: RockeTalk, Line, WeChat
Bottom: Palringo, Skype, Oovoo
yes, I have them all

And they sort of have the same hair cuz I basically based them all off of my youngest sister. I guess you can say in this picture I made my little sister dress up as these chat apps.
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June 10 2013

3637 dc08
Skype between me & Myoo89.
We were joking about what if IliCarrieDoll turned into her bi mode & approached Myoo while singing that famous song for the lulz
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April 09 2013

One day I found out putting two laptops side by side & opening Skype from both created an echo. We then tried maximizing the effect by opening Oovoo, an AlternaSkype.
Starring me, Myoo89 & Amelstrange.

October 31 2012

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Myoo89 & me. The room is blue cuz hurr Skype.

September 12 2012

This is what Myoo89 and I are currently doing... y'know, since we live in different places & all.
We're working on a collaboration project currently and need to send Photoshop/SAI files back and forth, and since Facebook can't handle large files, we used Skype. At the same time when we're on FB we randomly show each other links from Tumblr & Soup (cuz I don't have Tumblr & she doesn't have Soup) via Facebook and Skype.

So I figured this is how all that is depicted; Facebook and Skype cubecakes topped with Tumblr & Soup sauces.
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September 06 2012


Skyping while working on a storyboard for our friend...

Tina: I'll do page 7... page 6 really kills me.

Me: alright i'll color by tonight. Once you're done with page 6. Btw in pg 5 what's the "CLICK" thing you meant?

Tina: Look at the original sketch, now look at the script, now look back to the panel, its a phone call, >click< means the sound of phone hanging up, i'm on a pony

Me: I wish i can like that post.

---another random conversation---

Tina: dont tell me Loki turned into a Slender D=
Me: nope it's just that he's EVERYWHERE. on the freaking internet. SlenderLoki doesnt sound bad though
Tina: *shows Moses as a waterbender pic*
Me: ooh Ive seen the pic with Moses waterbender & the rest of the benders too.. I didnt save the link...
Tina: Musa: I was a bender before it was cool! *hipster Moses*

And later I stumbled upon a picture of Slenderloki on Tumblr. Shit just got real.

August 10 2012

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Looky gaiz Myoo has new hair
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April 28 2012

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Everything except the bluescreen of doom
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August 20 2011

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