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December 12 2019

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Wise words from DesignStudentDaily's NuckYeah herself. There wouldnt be fanfics & fanart (especially slash fics & slash art) without characters going OOC even the slightest.

Tbh with the fandoms I'm in, I always stick to the canon, thats one of the reasons I don't tend to ship characters unless it's canon. Thats why I didn't like yaoi back then cuz most of the paired characters are straight & I dont like the idea of gay-ifying straight characters, likewise with CisHet-ifying LGBTQ+ characters. Most of the fandoms I'm in are bands & youtubers. And these people are mostly married or in a relationship so the idea of shipping them with each other kinda made me cringe. That's also why I don't particularly enjoy AU fanart.

But lately I've grown more tolerable & realized that we'll just have to let people enjoy things & express what's inside their head.

May 18 2015


I love the Winnie the Pooh newspaper comics. Everyone’s such a dick to eachother, it’s so out of character. Is it simply called “Winnie the Pooh”? I never bothered to read the title, I just call it “It’s Always Sunny in the Hundred Acre Woods”











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October 27 2014

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