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June 20 2020

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So i saw someone drew this background for their commission, and I thought that's a pretty neat-looking background so I tried recreating it & drew artbybiyan's Good Omens OCs, Xerxeas & Amarael

May 18 2019

My entry for @shuli.chan's 200 followers celebration #shulichan200_dtiys

Heres her character Lily with a bunny on a dice seat (the dice idea was taken from an old drawing ive seen somewhere before). Idk why she's with a bunny whwn her animal theme's visibly a cat.

May 03 2019

A Draw This In Your Style for Kleahvii's piece,  something ive wanted to draw for a long time.

Redrew AngelaaaSketches' Watermelon Girl 🍉


Redrew Onehourlate's OC as a drawthisinyourstyle, not exactly an art trade this time (though she did my DTIYS in return as well)

March 12 2018

revamped bubble fighter
Felt like doing a revamp of one of my oldest characters the Random Bubble Fighter

Tried to give her a more modernised look but thats all I could do cuz i'm not the most fashionable of all people... the only prominent change is her haircut. also i wanted to giver her a bluish skin but it looked off, so I gave her normal-colored skin n thought about her getting blue skin when she powered up.

also i'm ashamed to say the background's based on Hamamoto-Tan feat. Pokemon by RyusukeHamamoto, cuz dang, that's from the mid-2000's.

July 15 2014


May 07 2014


December 23 2013


October 11 2012

nope I can't hear you all the way up here by RogueKitty

June 14 2012

Mr Pain, Mr Revenge, Mr Evil, Mr Smile & Miss Rage
Art (c) Jack666Rulez
Reposted byillustrateForeverFailuremonimich

April 22 2012

5269 10ae 500
This is for an old friend of mine (though I doubt she even remembers). Old habits die hard.

April 18 2012

The Explanation behind MRMF

Recently, after stumbling upon a gross porn comic that scarred me for life, and it was about Digimon, I suddenly remembered about a comic series I did when I was in grade school. Sadly the drawings are never shown on the internet due to the extremely crappy quality and we had no scanner that time. The comic was called MRMF – Masters of Radical Mischief Forever.

December 14 2011


The retarded comic artist in me is always looking for character development inspiration whenever I travel.

ok this is Suharto Hellerosa who’s the current postmaster of Zentrum in my story. The Hellerosas are of Greznaian-Javanese descent.

So that’s why I finished doodling this today. Suharto vsdapper puppet because I’m still sad that I wasn’t able to buy it.

“Holy shit I give you life and you stab my face… you little prick.”

Suharto’s the kind of person who doesn’t give a toss about people’s views and feelings but goes batshit when tiny inanimate objects hate him. Can you feel all his emotions here.

December 12 2011

run free
by *NekoKirara
Reposted bypiskraillustratebeawesomekr-lik

November 19 2011

steampink by rachitick

October 14 2011

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