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March 05 2012

I never watched the Magic School Bus, BUUUUUUT it's cute knowing the kids grow up to become planeteers.
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February 18 2012

Breathe Owl Breathe Magic Central cd & album art
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November 27 2011


Friendship is Magic cosplay

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September 24 2011


September 11 2011


There’s something so addicting about theatre. Walking into a space specifically designed to show audiences beautiful works of art night after night. Hearing the chatter of the audience about their excitement to see whatever show it is. Sitting in the house (that’s always freezing) and waiting for the curtain to go up. And then diving into another world. Whoever says theatre isn’t magic is lying to you.

September 01 2011

Dream 7-12-2013

There was a spider chasing my siblings and I, and strangely I was as scared of the spider as my siblings. Normally I'm not afraid of spiders but maybe this spider brings bad aura or something, and she was pretty big, bigger than average big spiders even. Probably bigger than the size of my foot. She has tall legs as well, not to mention being fuzzy and brown all over.

The spider chased everyone of us in the house, out the house, on the road, in school (this was PDS school we're talking about), in supermarkets etc and suddenly we went to our old home back in Sungai Tilong. Strangely we own a plant that is in a pot submerged in water, and it looks like an ordinary green leaf but a pink elephant actually lives inside it, and if something disturbs the plant, the pink elephant will come out, floating because the green leaves will turn into pincers and snap at the elephant.
And this actually happened when the spider that chased us hid under the plant's pot and as we watched the plant take its disastrous turn, the poor pink elephant got killed by the green leaf pincers but something unusual happened afterwards, which is the spider made the plant merge with herself and she became this sort of weird green-and-pink pig-like creature (with a slightly longer nose) wearing the same brown pot (only shrunken) as clothes. She rushed to our bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, freaked the hell out and dashed back and out of our house, never to be seen again. She probably was still in shock that she changed species.

August 28 2011


July 26 2011

Ok, I'm not a good magician... by DjBisparulz
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January 24 2011

Anything You Want Magic Pills
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