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September 25 2012

Party Owls
Texture (c) LOOM exquisite textiles

February 18 2012

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This seems to me like an instructional video on how to listen to the record XD

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Listeners_Train_Tracks4.jpg Listeners_Train_Tracks3.jpg

"The Listeners" is a comic tale of the friendship between an ostrich and a mole who meet by chance one day in a hole. The mole with sightless eyes and the bird with flightless wings join to form a band called "The Listeners," and perform together in an underground concert for their friends. "These Train Tracks" is a story of metamorphosis, in which a set of train tracks transforms into everything from a caterpillar to the night sky to a set of pajama buttons. Its mood is both whimsical and soothing, a perfect end to a child's long day.

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Breathe Owl Breathe Magic Central cd & album art
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December 02 2011

November 26 2011


November 17 2011


November 12 2011

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