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June 29 2015

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What is your favorite year of your life?
Probably 2010, where I've just got up from a big depressing event (which I've forgotten about now) and listening to new songs, watching new movies & got accepted by my friends again. And the subjects at school were enjoyable so I didnt mind doing homework.And I got hooked on to The Lonely Island, especially this song:
listening to their songs from Incredibad & Turtleneck and Chain every Sahur.Also there's the Bali trip, of course. Best time of the year eventhough it's only for 5 days :D

August 06 2012

Typography arts for 2010. Now we need a 2012 one
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May 12 2012

Gibson Guitar:
2000 classic & 2010 standard

November 28 2011


October 10 2011

Hetalia WInter Olympics by fiory-party

July 31 2011


March 19 2011


World Cup + Vuvuzela GIFS

GIFs - Zidane hates them too! funny faces - Herpers Gonna Derp


Not forgetting them VUVUZELAS!!

 gifs - The only game you want to play on mute

funny gifs - BrrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrrrroblem?

funny gifs - Sound The Horn!

funny gifs - Vuvuzelas are getting too loud funny gifs - Vuvuzelas are very dramatic

gifs - BrrrrrRing back the chanting! I miss the songs!

funny gifs - Whos Hatin?

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March 08 2011

The vilains (heroes) of 2010 XD
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