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August 22 2012


I have made an Adventure Time break through! 

In the last episode, we found out that *dun dun dun* Lady is pregnant

But remember Jake’s 15 tier plan? 

“And here she lets you touch her horn for the very first time”

hmm. Lady has a horn….

“And here she let’s you discover all 15 feet of her beautiful stomach” 

I don’t know how long Lady is, but I can only assume there’s at least 15.

Really Jake?

Why didn’t you stay away from tier 15? Hmmmm.

good job Jake. 

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May 27 2012

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And since we can't drink vodka, here are some tips to use 'em
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April 10 2012

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Somebody give Sam her show "15 and Battling Cancer" stat!
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