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August 26 2018

Rushing before the con
This was pre-Comifuro. Ive only heard it from a friend the previous day, printed all my stuff in the next morning n arrived in the afternoon. Everything was rushed, im unprepared as always. But hey I got there and managed to sell stuff.
Rock N Barrel Roll
Y'all, barrels would totally make a great gimmick for a band. Throw in some crates too & you're all set.

When I thought of the band name the next thing that immediately popped up was Snakes 'n' Barrels from Metalocalypse (Pickles' old band before Dethklok)
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August 21 2018

The 4 ojol services I'm currently using (x).
I didnt draw these. They're stock images from the company & I just animated them.

August 17 2018

For when your inferiority complex kicks in
This year, I've started to take steps to become less bitter towards more successful & "lucky" friends & start congratulating them instead of begrudging them, which my friends have told me to like AGES ago, cuz I'm one bitter dingus. Though I haven't changed my mindset completely but maybe these tiny reminders might be a little help for when we all have those moments.

July 27 2018


Draw This In Your Style thingies i did on Instagram. This one's by Siirezzii & it doesnt have a title

original | mine

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Draw This In Your Style thingies i did on Instagram. First, sad blue tattoo by SarahWilliaIllustration

original | mine

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9332 ccbb 500
y'all. draw this in your style & tag me.

July 26 2018

Contradicting Thoughts: complimenting
Ok so this year ive made efforts to be less envious of people more successful than me, & complimenting them instead of begrudging them, but like every time i comment i cant help but feel... fake. Like i'm saying nice things to them for the sake of covering up my envy or overcompensating for my lack of luck/skills/achievements, even though i genuinely mean the compliments. Maybe it's just my paranoia.

Lol my two demons seem to act really sweet in this comic (although they still hate each other)

July 06 2018


July 04 2018


June 27 2018

Tricolor Tessa V
About time i did a Tessa Violet fanart, ive been recently listening to her songs again since the end of last year. This is like 3 of my fav hairstyles of hers.

I found her out from Rhett and Link's videos, back when she was Meekakitty, and found out she makes songs n I kinda wanna be like her in terms of starting making song covers & music videos on Youtube and eventually landing a music career. 


June 16 2018

OC challenge
Doing an OC challenge thing stolen from a friend while at the same time im trying to recreate the background from one of Paroro's drawings.
This little girl doesnt have a name yet so I'm open to all your suggestions.

I was wearing a striped shirt when I drew this, and my phone case is quite festive so theres so much details to work on. FYI for the eye color part, i forgot what underwear I was wearing and tbh most of my underpants are red, but it feels off to add red in this color palette.

the rules are here

June 13 2018

Play fullscreen
Earlier this year I was kinda curious about how a PATD song would sound like as a DDLC soundtrack, soooo this happens.... well actually I blame the "the ink flows down into a dark puddle" part, reminding me of "the ink is running toward the page" in Northern Downpour. That gave me the idea for this mash-up cover.

This time I had to repeatedly listen to both songs WHILE in the process of making this cover, trying to get the notes right. It's still harder to control my voice & breathing though, plus I just recovered from a cold so that explains the slight phlegminess. The video accidentally got cut off in the first part, cuz halfway through drawing the iPad ran out of battery, & Procreate failed to save everything from the beginning.
Since the original Northern Downpour video is black and white, I should do a B&W drawing of the Doki Doki girls as well, but somehow part of me still wants their signature color to pop out, so I picked a very desaturated, but not completely desaturated, color palette for the timelapse drawing. And just for fun you can see the colors by tweaking the saturation on Photoshop.
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follow me on these usual places for rambles
im both Ratryoshka on Facebook & Twitter (and a lot of my social media)
follow me on these usual places for rambles
im both Ratryoshka on Facebook & Twitter (and a lot of my social media)
This isn't wine I swear
drunk in the garden with a snake who's secretly judging me cuz what i was drinking might not even be wine.
im still not over ships [X]
drunk in the garden with a snake who's secretly judging me cuz what i was drinking might not even be wine. [X]
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