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Today, I fucked up... “box” cake


This happened several years ago after my friend and I decided to adopted the slogan “What could possibly go wrong?” for a week.

Our school had an “Annual Cake Auction” to raise money for a charity, and some of these cakes would go for between $100-1500. It is almost all students and there is always a ton of cake so we thought it would be funny to ice a Cheerios box and submit it as a cake.

Each cake had a name so we made ours the “Chocolate Disappointment” and the slogan was “You’ll be so disappointed when you finish this cake because it will all be gone” or something like that.

So they go through the cakes, a couple go for $1000 a few for $300 and everything in between. Ours rolls around and the bidding starts. Nobody bids at first, but then it begins….

President of the school raises his hand and starts off at $100 and the Dean of Student Services raises him. They go back and forth up to $600.

The Dean ends up getting it and as he cuts into it and announces to his table that its a box…I see his children’s souls get crushed.

To this day the rules are now “Must be a real cake.”

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