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The *blank* of the zodiac

Aries: the leader (aka Ryan Seacrest; that bastard is the leader of everything nowadays)
Taurus: the muscle (hulk smash) [I'm not even sorry lmao]
Gemini: the Witt (oh the sarcasm that seems to always stem from your mouth)
Cancer: the mother (plus you're the best at giving hugs)
Leo: the enthusiast (but honestly though, you're the most talented)
Virgo: the intellect (seriously, you're the only one who knows anything at all)
Libra: the glue (you get stuck to everyone, and everyone gets stuck to you)
Scorpio: the best, honestly (call me;))
Sagittarius: the joker (batman better look out)
Capricorn: the rock (ayye Dwayne Johnson where you at?)
Aquarius: the rebel (Debby Ryan plays you, in a movie, just by the way)
Pisces: the cinnamon roll (seriously you are the one and only cinnamon roll)

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