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wamscoastsmoker asked: Hey! Love your art soooo much! I was wondering,what drawing program do you use? ^_^ ❤️


I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly!
I use Photoshop CC/C6 most of the time!
I like to draw my line arts on Clip Studio Paint (trial)~
Recently ivatimsee​ introduced to me Mischief (free!) which is a very good program to just chill and doodle endlessly with the infinity canvas :)

I just received another ask, asking if I draw on the iPad?
Yes I do! So I thought why not show/recommend for some of you guys who are on the go and wants to doodle up with your fingers instead :D!


Paper 53 is super cool!! It has such amazing brushes!!
You can check out the website for the tutorial and read up more about it there
SketchBookX is another freaking cool app (available on iPad & computer!) but I think its more professional looking compared to Paper 53.
The rest don’t have as many functions and are more limited but if you would like to just doodle for fun~ those apps are great too!
(Penultimate always crashes for old gen iPads)

If you guys are curious on what I use to draw on~
My tablet is an intuos pro medium and my mom’s iPad first gen.
(throws a mini patrick stump for you guys!!)


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