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jokes that will never be funny

  • holocaust jokes
  • fat jokes
  • racist jokes
  • rape jokes
  • transphobic jokes
  • homophobic jokes
  • sexist jokes

jokes that will always be funny

  • “that’s a weird looking dog”
  • mmm whatcha say
  • the audition meme
  • doge 
  • trolling beetles fans
  • dad jokes 

ending long sentences with by fall out boy

Adding to that with Feat. Panic! At the disco

  • Can confirm, am [object]
  • Illuminati jokes
  • Random images captioned “confirmed”
  • Referring to strange animals as Pokémon
  • $100%
  • Wake up America/sheeple
  • “thank u for your contribution”
  • Using the wrong unit of measure
  • None pizza with left beef
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