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‘MythBusters’ puts the classic insult ‘You throw like a girl!‘ to the test.

The hit show “MythBusters” wanted to see if there’s a distinct difference in the way a guy throws a ball versus the way a girl throws a ball.

They put eight people in four different age groups up against each other to analyze their throws. They had the subjects throw with their dominant arm first. Then they had them use their non-dominant arm because, without practice or training of any sort, it’s sort of like you’re throwing for the first time. This is when the real results showed.

When using their non-dominant arm with zero training, the guys were more accurate, but the girls threw faster.

Thank god these old white dudes are breaking down gender norms

They also had an episode where they tested pain tolerance and found that women, on average, have a higher pain tolerance. I love their gender episodes. 

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