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 Feminist Elizabethan | Gender Script is Flipped by Cosmo UK in Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo Interview                                                                                        

Anyone who pays any attention to celebrity interviews will have noticed that women are almost always asked only stupid, boring and sexist questions and this act of sexism was brought to the forefront in a recent interview by Cosmo UK.

Cosmo UK conducted an interview with Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo several days ago about their upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Their interviewer decided to flip the gender script and asked Ruffalo all of the boring questions like, “What will you be wearing to the premiere,” and “Did you go on a diet,” and asked Johansson whether she did all of her own stunts and what she liked about playing Black Widow.

While it was very obvious that the questions that were asked of Ruffalo were stupid (and the stupidity of the questions were only amplified by the fact that a man was being asked these questions), what I found to be most powerful about the interview was that Johansson finally had a chance to speak her mind and answer interesting and relevant questions.

It wasn’t until I heard Johansson speaking about her character in this interview that I realized that I had never heard her speak about an interesting topic and this just served to remind me of all of the times that the world has missed out on hearing interesting opinions from actresses and how little girls have missed out on being (potentially) inspired by an actress.

Interviewers just really need to step up their game because their insistence on asking the same old uninspired sexist questions over and over isn’t doing anyone a favor. All it is accomplishing is boring viewers and interviewees, reinforcing sexism, depriving successful women an opportunity to express themselves and making themselves sound stupid. Just come on. We can do better.

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