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I like guys sexually but not… personally. So now what?


“Is it possible to be heterosexual, but homoromantic? ‘cos i feel awful, but I don’t really like the personality of men, women are INCREDIBLE, but at the same time, I ADORE DICK. Like i really like dick. And IDK, boobs and vaginas kinda freak me out (including my own). I feel like I’m abnormal, ughh, is this weird?“

Yes, that’s possible I guess, just like any combination of sexual preferences. But I feel like you might be underestimating the variety of male personalities that exist? It seems a bit reductive to say “I don’t like the personality of men”, because they’re all kinda different, and I know if a guy was like “man I love pussy but hate women’s personalities” I’d be kind of offended that he was unable to tell women apart from one another.

What I’m saying is, as you like guys sexually, there’s probably a guy out there who also exemplifies the qualities you find incredible in women. Either way, I hope you manage to tick all the boxes at once, somehow.

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