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Emojis for the signs:


Aries: ♈🐏😠💪👟🎽🏃📣🚘🍺🔥🏪

Taurus: ♉🐮😋🍫💝💻👞👢🍷🍝🌋🌱

Gemini: ♊👬😉👉👄👙📱🍹📖🎢🎭🃏

Cancer: ♋🐚😢👰👪💌📺🍼🌚💦♻💐

Leo: ♌🐻😎💛👏👑🌞🎬🎤🍻🌻🏆

Virgo: ♍👱😷🏥🌾🍞🎒📏🎓🍒🛀📊

Libra: ♎🗽😘💄👔👠🗼🌹🍸👓📚✒

Scorpio: ♏🌊😑🔎💀💋🔗❤👖👕🔫🔒

Sagittarius: ♐🏇😆👍💸🎉💃👣⛺🎲🎰🎯

Capricorn: ♑🐐😐💰💼⌚💲🍵🍴📰🌷💒

Aquarius: ♒⛲😤💨🔬📑📘💡👽✌🌿🌐

Pisces: ♓🐟😇🙏⛪🔯✴⌛🎡🎨🎶📀

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