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Anonymous asked: Does Albert speak with an accent? Yknow cuz his dad is British n his mom is Argentinian n all

Albert has a strong New York accent, if you listen to any of his interviews (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgrvngv9rBE). Nick also has a New York accent, and a similar speaking style, so their voices are easily confused, but his voice is higher.   

Fabrizio has a Portuguese accent because he was born in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese. His voice sounds very nice, he’s soft-spoken and puts a lot of thought into his words. 

Julian has sort of a strange accent; his speaking voice is very New York, but sometimes when he sings, he uses an English inflection. Also, he’s known for his mumbling and bored tone. 

Nikolai, like Fabrizio, speaks quietly and selects his words carefully. He went to Lycée Français de New York from a young age, and is bilingual in French and English, so he has a combination of a New York and French accent.   

It’s cool that the band is so diverse in origin - that’s New York City for you.

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