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so Emily Elizabeth and Clifford decides to visit Suzie Syncra Bell and Heelward in Rabbitell Island for an exchange...

and they walked around and Suze showed Em her friends, and Em realized that Alicia is kinda like Jetta, and Mrs Cingocile n Cleshandra r like Mrs Diller (or whoever her name is) and Cleo, and yada yada yada theyre gonna do stuff and play and have a dogs vs cats competition. but none of the copying stuff. copying is overrated when it comes to my fanfics. sure i'll have them coincidentally do similar stuff once or twice but thats it. Oh and the animals will play a bigger part here instead of my last fanfics, where their masters are more active.

will clifford n heelward sniff each others butts again though?

oh sure hahahahahahaha they'd do more than just sniff each other's buttholes. they'll sniff other animals' buttholes and their surroundings #nature

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