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Theory: Gems physical form


I’m pretty sure this has been said but I think it’s interesting and I wanted to give my take on how the actual gems work. Now I was scrolling through the tag when I saw something that another fan had also seen and pointed out.

image image image

Look at all these Gems in mid-transformation you know what they look like?


They look like one of these little dudes, this is an art mannequin which you would use to reference a pose if you were having trouble. I find it interesting how when changing or coming out of their gems that they take this blank form first. Like a canvas of sorts, so this is how I think gems physical bodies work:

image image image image image image image

All these gems pictured above to me house the “non sedimentary” or “soul” of the crystal gems. Then their physical form is actually a mannequin that they project a form onto. In Steven Sword fighter we seen that Pearl was impaled which to me disrupted the projection and forced her soul back into the gem until the mannequin was replaced. I say replaced because the moment she returns, she is in an entirely different outfit.


But look! It seem although the mannequin form is replaced Pearl remembers her previous forms which she goes through until the mannequin then projects the new form with new clothes and everything.

If this is the case maybe this is why gems go crazy when their gems crack or even when they become monsters. If the gem is fractured in anyway the soul then has a hard time projecting the form onto the mannequin. Perhaps this is why Amethyst was having such a hard time keeping herself together.


And maybe between the disruption the soul also starts to malfunction as well as we see with Lapis.


Even here we can see her eyes are like a mirror Lapis can’t fully project herself because of her broken gem but she remembers just like how pearl remembers all of her forms.

So knowing this how does it apply to monsters? Well if we know that monsters are corrupted gems as Lapis was maybe the fusion rule also applies to the fractured gem rule? 

The rule of thumb for fusions is they might become permanent if the two gems stay fused for too long. So what happens if a gem is crack and isn’t repaired for a long time. Amethyst upon cracking her gem seemed to have fallen apart quickly. But Lapis who might’ve been trapped in the mirror for a long time was still in her physical form. I guess we can wave this off as being imprisoned in the mirror preserved her and prevented her from becoming a monster. Maybe that’s why she was imprisoned? 

So if a cracked gem is not healed for a long time then the disruption of the mannequin projection deteriorates further to a point that it takes on a whole new form instead, a more monstrous and aggressive form. The best example is the centipeedle monster from Monster buddies.


Look you can see that when the gem was free it tried to go back to it’s humanoid form. The one the gem/soul remembers. But the projection malfunctions and instead takes on the form of the creature again. It’s really sad because the soul of the gem is probably trapped inside wanting to get back to their original form and they can’t. It makes me feel sorry for them, they’re probably frustrated and maybe that’s why they become so aggressive. This is just a theory so it may or may not be true but this is how I think the gems actually work.

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