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How the signs drink the milk they milked from their cows.


The well awaited sequel. cool astrology​ as a celebration for the original cow milking post getting 500 notes.

Aries: Tries to drink the milk with their eyebrows but fail once again and yell YOU WANNA FUCKING GO

Taurus: Drink gallons of milk with their cat

Gemini: "happy drinking"

Cancer: Doesn’t get any milk because they didn’t milk their damn cow

Leo: Claims that their milk is better quality because it came from a quality cow

Virgo: Drinks it just because they don’t want to offend the cow

Libra: Sits back and makes a profit by selling all the milk they got from the cow milking machines

Scorpio: Chugs it down so fast and so aggressively and so full of rage that half of it is just on their face, dripping

Sagittarius: Drink it and think to themselves, what a wonderful world

Capricorn: They would only drink it with their tea

Aquarius: Would drink it, but only if they are getting paid to

Pisces: Throws a milking party with the milk and everyone is invited 

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