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Tips on being awesome?

1. Stop being sad. Be awesome instead 
2. Get a Soup.io account. Be 10% awesomer. 
3. Befriend & train dragons, don't kill them. Having a pet dragon is awesome. 4. If you're a princess you must own a bow & arrow. But if anyone disagrees, please dont turn them into bears. 
5. When you hear a pop song which has similar beats/melody/rhythm as your favorite songs, sing said favorite songs out loud instead. 
6. If ya wanna catch some 'Mons, it's better to have just one that befriends you until the end & have loads of evolution stages rather than getting a few with little evolution stages. Also, the ones from the computer that suck you into the digital world are way better than the ones that you catch in little red & white balls >:P 
7. If you have to use the phone booth, remember; the red one is a regular phone booth & the blue ones are time-and-dimension-traveling machines operates by some mofo wearing a bowtie or a fez. Always choose the blue ones.
8. Avoid the mainstream unless if it is actually better/more useful. Always know the alternatives of things surrounding you. Always have alternatives. Bring your friends to places and sites nobody has ever heard before. 
9. If someone has the same birthday as you it's better to celebrate together despite being strangers (i had problems with this advice as well wtf am i telling you this). One advantage is less money spent. 
10. Boys, have 1 day in a week where you pee sitting down. Girls, same advice but you pee standing up instead. (I've actually tried this and yes we can indeed pee standing up) 
12. Lel i skipped number 11
11. Lel its right here
13. Dress up for the job you wanna have, not for the job you're working right now. Im sure you've all seen that blue poster with some dude wearing a Batman costume to work, why dont you go for that extent in real life? 
14. Put plastic bows on your pet snakes. Snakes want to feel pretty too. 
15. Pat your head, rub your belly, put the lime in the coconut and drink em all up. 
16. If you have a best friend, make a youtube channel & start doing comedy skits or start a talkshow every morning. 

These are all advices from movies, TV series & random internet people they seem 100% legit go ahead & try

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