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(we’ve been raised by the media to view homosexual relationships as dirty or secret things, and so like, being a ‘korrasami’ shipper wasn’t something to shout on the rooftops about. it was fun and all, but inside, we secretly felt like we were “perverting” a kid’s show, throwing unnecessary things into it, by shipping korrasami - because this is what we’ve been taught. 

and then. all those things we figured we were just reading too far into, looking at with too much queer subtext, could never ever possibly imagine that they could actually be anything, come together in the final moments. korra and asami fell. in. love. right before our eyes. and all along, we weren’t deluding ourselves. we weren’t pushing something wrong onto a kid’s show. everything we’ve ever dreamed of becomes real. it’s like, this big curtain just got lifted off of us. as queer people, as queer shippers. 

now, we can shout on rooftops about our ship. we can talk about it like we’ve never been able to before because it’s out there now. I, personally, feel so validated. yes, this all says, you’re not strange or wrong because you think two women can fall in love. look here. it’s happening right now.

and that is why korrasami is so much more than just a ship to me.)

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