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Remember that episode of courage the cowardly dog where a furry bunny runs away from abusive dog dude to be with her lesbian cat lover

because that is all you need to remember

This episode is actually what got Courage taken off the air because a coalition of moms thought it carried lesbian symbolism and they threatened to sue the network if the show wasn’t removed from the air.

Many people at Cartoon Network cite Courage as their favourite sow during its run and say that they would not have taken it off, had they had a real choice.

So the show ran the remaining episodes and was not renewed for another season.

That’s a lie. 

It got cancelled because of low ratings.

please don’t use the LGBT movement to get attention for yourself 

or even if you were just trying to raise awareness about the movement, spreading misinformation and creating a problem where there isn’t one is NOT the way to do it.      

Even if it only got cancelled due to low ratings, I still miss this episode, whether those two are actually lesbians or not.

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