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The first part of this post is spot-on. We really wanna carefully sort out what we post/share in Facebook, LinkedIn and sites like that, but with tumblelogs like Soup we're not afraid to post whatever the hell we like and just be comfortable with ourselves, go crazy with others, making new friends and no one would care about how weird we seem to be, because everyone else is letting go and being their true selves in here as well.

The reason why I tumblelog is definitely some of the reasons you listed down in the second last paragraph. I use my Soup to post or bookmark whatever cool things I found on the internet, also, I make stuff, and so sometimes I post my work-in-progress artworks in here as well as the crappy (Garageband quality) songs that I make, sometimes hoping at least someone would notice and comment on them, giving feedback.

Sometimes people get random outbursts of ideas and writing them down on twitter would just get washed away that easy. Soup has tags and so if we write our ideas down & tag them, it'll be easily retracked again.

So yeah thats pretty much why I tumblelog.

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