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"Thor! Give it back!"

"Not unless you tell me whom it’s from."

"How is that any of your business?"

"I know it’s a love letter. Your blush tells all. As your elder I have a duty to be informed of such matters. Has a man captured your heart? Has he touched you? Has his unworthy lips kissed yours, Odin forbid?"

"Thor, why must you torture me with such horrid questions?"

"I take your avoidance as confirmation. But be assured that whoever you’ve fallen for will not love you for long. Once he discovers that you are not a woman but a man in disguise he will hate you. For a man to love you as you are is impossible."

Loki stared at him, speechless. “You…how could you?" he whispered, beginning to cry. “First you disguise yourself as a rather homely woman to spy upon me, then you intrude upon my privacy, steal my letter, and now you say such…such cruel things!" He burst into tears and fled the room.

Thor felt truly horrible. He did not mean to wound so deeply; it had only been half a joke. He looked at the letter, wondering what it was that made Loki, his own secret love, blush so much. Seeing that it was not sealed, he took out the letter and began to read.

"Dear Thor,

   If you were the sky, I would be the earth, forever yearning to reach you through mountains and trees, so that perhaps you might, one day, notice the desire within my lonely heart. Yet, the earth can never reach the sky by itself. It is the sky that holds all the power here; it may choose to remain forever beyond reach, or deign to make contact through lightning, which is in your power to create. So would you, Thor, love me, as I love you?

Yours truly,



Sorry about the cheesiness. OTL

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The Gray Paper Series #18About
(Based on The Love Letter by Charles Francois Pecrus)

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