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So this one time a gang of goats thought it would be a good idea to walk by the cul-de-sac and eat some of our plants. It was just a bunch of them & the big one as usual attacked the tallest plant nearest to them right there. Luckily they didn't touch my dad's date plants. They're quite adorable though, especially the little ones.

I proceeded to take some photos and they ran away & moved to the final house in the 'sac (since ours is the second last). I followed them and took that last picture, and went back in the house. My sisters and their friends arrived and saw the goats but for some reason when the gang returned it scared the girls which rushed back inside the house. and oh gLOB I SWEAR TWO OF THE BIG ONES DID A HEADBUTT. I assumed that that was the goat equivalent of a fistbump. Those goats fistbumped each other after scaring my sisters away. wHAT
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